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Whitfield Foods/Alaga Syrup

The Original Cane Flavor

Montgomery, AL

logo-whitfield-foods100 years ago, ALAGA Syrup Company found the secret formula for the “Sweetness


of the South” when the original cane syrup recipe was created in 1906. ALAGA syrup was born out of love, and the “feeling of family” when a Georgia boy met and married an Alabama girl.

The company was founded in 1906 as the Alabama-Georgia Syrup Company by Mr. Louis Broughton Whitfield, Sr. (July 8, 1868-Dec. 1, 1942). He was born in Whitfield Crossing, GA., and soon moved to LaGrange, GA. When Louis was only six, his father died in an accident, and Louis began working to help support his family at a very early age. From age eight until twelve, he sold and delivered The Atlanta Constitution before and after school. At seventeen, he began work as a bookkeeper for Penn and Company, and at twenty he entered the grocery brokerage business and became a partner in the W.F. Vandiver Company, a wholesale grocery business.
In 1905, he embarked on a venture into the syrup business as one-half owner of the Southern Syrup Company. By the fall of 1906, he had sold his interest and founded the Alabama-Georgia Syrup Company based in Montgomery, Alabama where it remains 100 years later. Next came the creation of the ALAGA brand name. By this time, Louis had married the love of his life, Willie Vandiver, and it was she who created both the ALAGA name and the logo. She was from Alabama and he was from Georgia, so she combined the abbreviation for Alabama, ALA and the GA for Georgia, and thus ALAGA was born. The familiar logo with the two hands clasped in front of a sheaf of wheat with a blue ribbon, proudly displayed, had a very special meaning. The clasped hands symbolized the union in marriage and spirit of Mr. and Mrs. Whitfield, and the wheat represented the many kinds of bread on which ALAGA was used. The blue ribbon stood for the ALAGA blue ribbon quality for which the syrup has been known 100 years.

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